A Journey to my new scent, Night on the Nile

A Journey to my new scent, Night on the Nile

I was pretty young when I first learned about the wonder of ancient Egypt. The pharaohs, pyramids, and rich history grabbed my imagination, and my passion for this fantastic civilization has strengthened. Whether watching documentaries, reading books, or listening to podcasts, I can't get enough of its mysteries and wonders. I often wonder if I should have been an archeologist, like Indian Jones, but then I'm not sure I'm cut out for that tedious work. Recently, I've taken my fascination to a new level by creating a scent inspired by Egypt, blending history with creativity.

Join me on this incredible journey as I share my love for ancient Egypt and how I translated it into this beautifully Egyptian-Inspired scent.

I'm not sure when it started, but at a young age, maybe around 10. I found a book about ancient Egypt at the library, and that's when my fascination began. Learning about pharaohs, pyramids, and the mysteries of this captivating civilization in school only fueled my curiosity. The more books I read, the more I craved to know about its history, mythology, and tales of a historical era. I also think this is where my love of history started.

Reading about ancient Egypt felt like an escape from my small-town life, and it seemed like a fantasy I could only imagine. I couldn't get enough of the stories, and my love for this only deepened as I grew older. Visiting museums, I still get lost in the Egypt section and love it, and watching cable TV shows that brought its wonders to life became a cherished moment, opening my eyes to the beauty of an ancient past.

My love for ancient Egypt never waned as the years went by—it stayed with me, and every time I was looking for something to occupy my time, I always gravitated towards documentaries or audible books that took me on a journey to the land of pharaohs and pyramids. My love for this has passed on to my daughter, who now shares my feelings of love toward Egypt. Our Friday movie nights have gone from Disney movies to watching shows like Lost Treasure of Egypt, Legends of the Pharaohs, and Secrets of King Tut. I love getting to watch my daughter's fascination grow.

I knew I wanted to release a new scent, and since Egypt has always been on my mind, I knew that was where I wanted to go. I always want you, my customers, to be a part of the process, and I'm so happy you voted for Egypt, and I will tell you that I couldn't contain my excitement. After looking into some popular scents for Egypt, I went with jasmine, sandalwood, Tonka, exotic spices, and amber. I got to work on creating and testing my candles and melts and coming up with a name. While brainstorming names, Night on the Nile seemed to be my favorite, it sounded so exotic and peaceful, not to mention the Nile River is such an essential part of Egyptian culture.

As I created my Egyptian-inspired scent, my longing to visit Egypt grew stronger. This scent became more than just creating a new candle scent; it's about creating an experience and scratching that wanderlust itch. Funny story, while I was putting some finishing touches on my candles and melts, I had an episode of expedition unknown on (love Josh Gates), and he was in Egypt exploring a tomb; I felt like it was meant to be! As the fragrant oils blended, the essence of ancient Egypt came alive, or at least in my mind.

With the candle and melts now perfected, I felt eager to share this captivating creation. The fragrance, born from my love for ancient Egypt, held a story I couldn't wait to tell. With each whiff, the scent became a time-traveling experience, evoking the majesty and mystique of a civilization that has endured for millennia.

I envision you embarking on your scent journey, and with each light of your candle, I hope it transports you to the mystical world of pharaohs, pyramids, and the Nile River.
It is more than just a scent; it is a shared adventure, a piece of history infused with passion, and a testament to the dreams that took root when I was just a child.

Creating this Egypt-inspired scent has been a labor of love, blending history, creativity, and childhood dreams. In this scent, I've woven the threads of my lifelong passion for ancient Egypt, and it's a joy to share this journey with all who embrace its charm. As I continue to explore the scents of the world, I'm reminded that sometimes, the most treasured adventures are the ones that take us back in time.

When I started this process of creating an Egyptian-inspired scent, I wanted to bring you a new scent and expand my travel-inspired collection. What ended up happening was I transported myself, and I hope you, on an enchanting journey to the heart of ancient Egypt. I will be in Egypt in the fall of 2024. I hope my scent inspires more people to travel. I also hope my scents not only inspire you to think about Traveling, I hope it motivates you to explore the world. #usethatpassport

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  • Thank you for reading, I am so excited!

    Theresa Fox on
  • Love this back story ❤️ amazing and can’t wait for you to experience it in 2024

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