Meet the Owner

Hello Friend!
Thank you for visiting our website. Let me introduce myself!

The idea for Traveling Fox Scented Creation came about after my husband, and I returned from living overseas. Our daughter was having difficulty recalling our experiences there. She couldn't remember the places we visited, the food we ate, or even the smells of the countries we visited.

It was heartbreaking to see her struggle so much with these things.  She was only five years old when we left. I thought if she could smell the places we went, maybe she would remember better, have something to hold onto. So I decided to make a candle that smelled like each place we visited.

I created Traveling Fox Scented Creations because I want everyone to experience the beauty of traveling through fragrances.

Thank You for visiting my store, and I hope you love your candles as much I enjoyed creating them.

-Theresa Fox, Candlemaker, and Owner