Meet the Owner

Hello Friend!
Thank you for visiting our website. Let me introduce myself!
My name is Theresa Fox and our story started when my family and I moved from Germany back to the states, and I began to miss traveling Europe. We were fortunate to be stationed in Germany for four years. We traveled all over Europe together, taking in everything we could. Visiting ancient ruins, museums, beautiful castles and landscapes. We made some beautiful memories that I will never forget.
However, upon returning home, our daughter, who was only five when we left, had trouble remembering our time spent in Europe. So I wanted to create something to help her and myself reflect on our travels in Europe.

We use candles all the time in our home and know the power of scent. Pictures help, but smells can trigger a memory or a feeling in a way that photos can't. That's when the light bulb turned on, and I wondered how many people have felt this way?

Traveling Fox Scented Creations can help you escape while in the comfort of your home. All of our travel-inspired wax melts and candles are hand-poured and beautifully scented with relaxing European destinations in mind.

When you can't travel, our candles & melts and your imagination can be the next best thing!

Thank You for visiting my store, and I hope you love your candles as much I enjoyed creating them.

-Theresa Fox, Candlemaker, and Owner