Why Should You Buy Your Candles & Melts From Traveling Fox?

Why should you buy from Traveling Fox Scented Creations? We know you can go to any store or search online and purchase any candle you want.

Traveling Fox is veteran-owned and handcrafted with love and care, inspired by the many beautiful places in this world.
When you buy from Traveling Fox, you help make our small business dream a reality.

couple backpacking

When we were stationed in Germany, it allowed us to travel all over Europe. It was a fantastic experience and one we hope to share with you. But then, we moved back to the states; our daughter started school, drastically reducing our ability to travel.

When life gets busy, you feel like you want to pack up your suitcase and leave but can't. That is where we can help you; let Traveling Fox transport you to having lunch in Venice, Italy sitting, by the water, drinking Peach Bellinis. With each scent, you are not only getting something that will make your space smell amazing, but you are getting an experience with it as well.

We make all of our candles and wax melts in small batches to protect to quality of your product. Something that you may not find in other big-name stores. We strive to buy all of our materials from stores in the US, and we even try to source our materials from other small businesses. So when you support us, you are also helping us support others. Talk about getting two birds and with one stone!

Escape to Europe from the comfort of your home. Let our candles and melts create the perfect staycation for you.

-Travel the world one fragrance at a time and leave your passport behind!

-Theresa Fox/ Owner

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